Cities under Light
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Cities under Light

The Strategy of Rehabilitating the Educational and Societal Systems in

Mar 13,2017



There is no doubt that there are reasons for the abnormal difficult circumstances through which area has passed. It will also have consequences. The fall of the Sunni governorates under ISIS in the way it happened represented a big shock to the people that resulted in losing complete trust in the government and its facilities. In a historical moment, the government failed to protect whole governorates, leaving them as a prey for those oppressive criminals.


Therefore, it is deemed necessary for us to portray some ideas and depictions that try to help the society to recover, bring back the trust to keep up and overcome this plight with less damages possible, retrieving the trust of people in their government and its facilities as they are the first party responsible for the security, life, and well-being of people.


This paper discusses ideas that were coined to address the current tragic situation in the ISIS-afflicted governorates. However, they can also be considered as a general framework for the rest of the Iraqi governorates. It draws a road map to establish a modern civil state with less cost and time possible. The ideas presented here will be divided into two main sections. The first is a mechanism to develop the education and the higher education, which targets children, adolescents, and the young. As for the second, it is a mechanism to develop the society as a whole including children and all other people of both sexes.