Iraq and USA: A Study about the Future of Relation Implications
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Written by :

Dr. Mohammed Al-Qaysi

Political Science

Iraq and USA: A Study about the Future of Relation Implications

Iraq and USA: A Study about the Future of Relation Implications

Apr 03,2017

Iraq and USA: A Study on the Future of Relation Implications


Active international relations are characterized by the extent to which each of the two parties think how important the other is. This extent also determines the how deep the relation is and whether it is active, particularly those parties with strategic power that is considered the sustainable material of power fuel and the countries’ ability to take action, in addition to the geostrategic location they have. Similarly, besides power, interest is the dynamo of moving the relation forward within the movement range and the reaction.

This completely applies to the relation between the United States and Iraq, as the American comprehension of the depth of Iraq importance from the strategic American view resulted in a special American care for a long time. In addition, the logic of the expansion or regression of nations which per se depends on their internal activity and its effect on the external activity will push the nations toward building and deepening their relations with important states from a strategic point of view to bolster and maintain their power centers regionally and internationally. This happens especially when the relation between the two countries is not balanced in strength, which makes them sometimes accept the relation based on the power law and its nature, let alone Iraq’s need for the great powers too including the United States in confronting the crises it faces. This also occurs based on strategic-framed agreements in the relation between the two parties, which determines the type and nature of that relation and its future directions.

This study is based on a hypothesis that: there is a positive correlation between the need and recognition in the relation of the United States with Iraq. The more the American administration recognizes the strategic importance of Iraq for the US future and power, Iraq recognized at the same time its need to America to rebuild the state on bases of cooperation and mutual interests based on the common sovereignty, the more the need is to involve Iraq in a long-term relation with the United States.